Autumn Exhibition Submissions

Please note the deadline for submissions to the Autumn Exhibition is Monday 22nd October.

Click here for the Online Exhibition Form

Click here for the Online Volunteer Form

Why are we moving to online submission? Two main reasons:

  • under the paper system every piece of information submitted regarding your pictures has to be typed up by Alan for entry to the catalogue. With the online form this information is available for him in to use in a tabular form, saving much time.
  • under the paper system you need to photocopy your entry before submission, with the online form you receive an email version of your entry which can save you time and go a little way towards benefiting the planet by saving paper.

Note – if you right click on the links above the forms should open in a new tab in your browser.

Please get all the information you require to make your entries completed before you click on the submit button on the submission form and only submit your information once. Thanks very much. You will receive an email copy of your submission that will be sent to the email address that you fill in on the form so please make sure that you spell your email correctly.