Membership of the Association is open to all residents in the Wirral area and covers all levels of expertise in art and craft. We have two levels of membership – Full membership and Associate membership:

Full Membership

Our full membership subscription has an annual fee of £8.00 and there is a limit of 150 places. All of these places are currently full, but we have a waiting list for new members looking to join at this level. Full membership subscribers are given the opportunity to enter their work in the Spring and Autumn exhibitions.

Associate Membership

Our associate membership subscription has an annual fee of £6.00 and is always open to accepting new members. Associate Members have all the same benefits as Full Members, except may only enter one single item into the exhibitions.


We welcome visitors to monthly meetings too and just a £1 charge applies.

Anyone wishing to join the Association should contact Peter Singleton, Membership Secretary, via our Contact Us page.